Four Applications To Know Who Calls You With An Unknown Number

Spam goes far beyond email. In recent years, calls have been multiplied from unknown numbers that call at any time of the day in an insistent way can get us to distrust and has reached applications like WhatsApp. Therefore, when in doubt, you have different applications to identify the origin of the call to decide if you really want to take it or not.

These applications work by tracking numbers, which allows them to show the caller’s identity even if we don’t have it stored in our contacts. In addition, databases and access to users’ mobile agendas allow spam numbers to be detected.


Truecaller is one of the best-known apps thanks not only to its ability to identify calls and SMS, but also to block them. The app has a spam list updated by millions of users around the world to identify any phone that calls you and that you don’t have stored in your phonebook.


Whoscall identifies unknown calls to prevent spam, as well as calls made by a robot or telemarketing platforms. Thus, it has a search engine for spam phone numbers that you can block so as not to receive them again in the future.

The Who’s Calling app? It is able to identify the phone number of any call or SMS received but goes one step further since it is compatible with WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. So, if you receive any message in any of these apps and you don’t know the sender, Who’s Calling? It will alert you immediately if it’s spam.

Call app

In CallApp you can not only identify who is calling you but also track the phone number and block calls suspected of being spam or calling you with a hidden number. Thanks to its caller ID, you will be able to know the moment you receive the call which it is.

In CallApp you will find a blacklist in which you can add phone numbers to avoid receiving unknown calls and report them to help other users, in addition to other functions such as the possibility of recording calls or a convenient way to manage your contacts, adding photos or marking them as favourites to call them quickly.


In TrapCall you can know who is calling you from an unknown or private number, in addition to blocking them or creating your own blacklist of unwanted numbers. Its operation is simple: when you receive a call from a hidden number, you will only have to reject or expect the app to do it automatically. At that time, the app sends an SMS with the phone number in the question and informs you if it is linked to a specific site.

The app blocks spam calls automatically and is constantly updated, in addition to allowing the recording of incoming calls. Download it is free, but to use the identifier service, you will have to pay about four bucks a month.